Welcome Vintners WineWorks!

Together we will select a wine that meets your particular taste. Whether you like dry or sweet, oak flavoured, full bodied or light, the wine can be customized to suit you.

Your wine is started in a food grade pail with a one way valve on top to let the gas out and nothing in. Yeast floats at the onset of fermentation and the pail has more surface area for the yeast to multiply.

At twelve days the wine is then transferred to a sterile glass carboy so the fermentation process can continue.

When the wine is done fermenting it is filtered so that it comes out crystal clear. Once this process is completed it is now ready to bottle.

The bottles are sterilized 
and placed on bottle tree to dry.
With the use of a automatic machine the wine will be transferred to sanitized wine bottles. 
As you fill the wine bottles you will  proceed to individually cork each bottle.
The finish touches,  shrinks and labels will give your wine a professional look. Making it ideal for gift giving.
Your wine is ready to take home and enjoy.

 The bottling process takes around 25 minutes.

Each Batch Wine of makes 30 - 750 ml bottles. 

Great Wine. Made. Simple. 

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