October Holiday Special 

Happy October:

Thanks to all who made September’s “California Wines” sale another success.

October’s sale is the annual “Holiday Moments” event. Every year they buy one vineyard, both white and red. These are premium wines at regular prices, and include label and shrink caps to dress them up for the season.

This year they chose northern Italy. The white is a Bella Bianco which is a Chardonnay/ Pinot Grigio blend. It has a little bit of fruitiness to tame the acidity of the Chardonnay

The red is Rosso Grande, a Sangiovese type with lots of body and a black cherry aftertaste.

Both are made to be drank early so will be great by Christmas. But these are a limited edition, so when there gone there gone. They usually sell out by the last week of the month. (Be warned)

See you at the store,